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Perlea Cond. Decca X. Decca KX. She was a frequent visitor to the recording studio and left an appreciable legacy on disc, each one reflecting her high purpose and musical exactitude. After winning a prize in Vienna, she followed the advice of conductor Erich Kleiber and traveled to Prague to study with lyric tenor Fernando Carpi. She presented herself in the same part for a production at La Scala. Danco visited the United States on a recital tour with accompanist Paul Ulanowsky.

Gitton Cond. MB 35, the Set. Bervily Cond. M-A, lovely copy has adhesive on labels. Carivan Cond. DFX , only form of issue, c. A-, very decent copy has few lt. She was also a compelling actress of great charm. Critics repeatedly spoke of her fiorature, trills and ornamentation. Her upper range was unique in its purity and ability to sing trills effortlessly. Ye winds and waves! From that point forward, Verlet enjoyed a successful career, particularly in Francophone Europe. Although primarily a concert singer in the United States, Verlet did perform some opera. She also performed with the Boston Opera.

The sort of elaborate ornamentation in which she excelled having fallen out of fashion, Verlet retired from performing in Thereafter, she taught voice until her death in Paris in Verlet made both vertical and lateral cut recordings in Europe, and in the United States the Victor Talking Machine Company issued some of her European lateral records, but Verlet was most closely associated with the Edison company and its diamond discs.

M-A, lovely copy has 2 wee edge lams, appearing playing side only. E, POM M-A, lovely copy has has, Sd. M-A, lovely copy has very occasional faintest pap. A-, lovely copy has hint of grey on peaks. Exuding infectious charm! Though she never achieved the sensational fame of a Delna, she deserves to be remembered as one of the glories of French singing in the early years of the 20th century.

The Act 3 prayer is done simply and movingly, also eschewing the lower options and ending on a middle B. Odeon Minssart Cond. A-, very decent copy has has lt. MB 6 G M-A, lovely copy has faintest pap. She became an instant star. Maurice Eisner Pf. A, POM, only form of issue, Sd. A, only form of issue, A-, lovely copy has, Sd.

A to M-A, lovely copy has edge lam. M-A MB 50, the Set. K, only form of issue Sayejozin Pf. Her voice is not a musical instrument - and I believe it is as musical now as ever it was. Yet there is no singer of our time who would not double his present artistic stature if he could borrow half of Guilbert's genius. R Molajoli Cond. In she began her Italian career at Bologna and Florence, frequently appearing at Naples, Turin and Rome until She often returned to Spain.

Her last appearance took place in at Barcelona. Monarch c , POM 1 Nov. A-B, very decent copy has lt. A, lovely copy has faintest pap. A to M-A, lovely copy has tiny rub at end, inaud. A-, lovely copy has few superficial scrs, inaud. A to M-A, lovely copy has very faint creases, inaud.

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La Scala Orch. M-A, an exceptional copy. C, POM Returning to the Metropolitan, she sang Gilda and Lucia. She retired in , taught in Athens where her pupils included Maria Callas. Morel Cond. The soprano is something of a revelation, her Italian heritage manifesting itself in her idiomatic performance, her coloring and lyricism, and her power, yet ease, of production. Lamentably, the attractive California-born soprano Her legacy includes only a handful of commercial recordings. M-A, lovely copy has 2 wee pressing bumps, ltly audible, merely a few turns.

Capdevilla Cond. Gennai Cond. They are enchanting, and I believe that the Italian, spoken as well as sung, is pretty well flawless…. Leopoldo Emanuele Gennai conducts the orchestra. Frank Marshall Pf. Parlophone Album P Romero Cond. A to M-A, lovely copy has occasional faintest pap. Barnes and Victor Girard G Ivor Newton Pf. Enchantingly delightful! During this tour she sang a group of English songs, although she had only just begun to learn the language; and with these she created quite a sensation owing to the clarity and extraordinary charm of her enunciation.

MB 85 G M-A Exceedingly Elusive! She was incapable of dullness; even in the most trivial song there will come a phrase so personal and so completely genuine that the listener feels something akin to physical contact. In whatever language she sang — and she was a gifted linguist — she filled each word with meaning, and lent the utmost grace and point to the turn of every musical phrase….

Bastide Cond. M-A, gleaming copy has, end Sd. Cloez Cond. Albergoni Cond. Final scene , 2s. Vedi per tutta Italia, 2s. She is a gypsy Patti…. If you like to be wheedled by a voluptuous kitten, then you will succumb with a sigh, but it will be a sigh of pleasure. II G MB 15 "Elsie Houston Though she was thought of as essentially a diseuse, Houston's voice had been carefully trained; its quality, to my ears, was outstandingly beautiful. B-C, decent copy has lt. Pablo Miguel Pf. M-A MB 95 G Album M, w.

MB 25 "The [above] recording does justice to Miss Houston's wholly delightful and searching interpretations. Elsie Houston. MB 60 G Mme Villa-Lobos Pf. P, only form of issue, 20 June, M-A, gleaming copy has, end Sd 2 only, infinitesimal pap. Companion disc to G, Abreu. Cy Walter Pf. A to M-A, lovely copy has occasional lt. She was the descendent of confederados, southern plantation owners who had come to Brazil after the American Civil War.

It was an era of tremendous creative energy. Elsie moved to Germany and studied with Lilli Lehmann, a notorious voice teacher.

She then studied with another famed soprano, Ninon Vallin, first in Argentina and then in Paris. Houston's relationship with Heitor Villa Lobos began in her teens and she was a soloist at Villa Lobos' Paris concerts. Their son, Geyser, was born in Rio de Janeiro in By the late s, Elsie Houston had moved to New York. She was a brilliant singer, particularly skilled in the interpretation of Brazilian songs.

The New York Times during this era praised her performances. She was also an active supporter of young Latin American composers, performing early pieces by composers such as Jayme Ovalle and Camargo Guarnieri. She died in ; her death was listed as an apparent suicide. Landon Ronald Pf. M-A MB 15 " I consider Patti the representative of the perfect art of singing, gifted with the most beautiful of voices and the utmost of musical talent There is no more perfect model. She enjoys, of course, a rare gift of nature; her eternal youth borders upon the miraculous But above all is her incomparable sense of beauty in music.

MB 15 "Patti's last appearances, at which I sang, took place at the Queen's Hall for the benefit of her old accompanist Ganz. She was simply remarkable, and I shall never forget the timbre of her voice, just as I shall never forget Melba's One could never sing for several decades as she did, without perfect technique. Never Doubled. HMV embossed verso, Never Doubled. HMV embossed verso, Never Doubled in any regular series. Alfredo Barili Pf. Numbered Copy 8 of a Limited Edition. MB 45 " MINT MB 20 "[Boronat's] 'Last Rose of Summer' is an astonishing feat, and her 'Qui la voce' in Puritani will remain as a classic example of the truly lost art of rendering the music of Bellini as the master undoubtedly heard it in his own mind.

As an exponent of the purest bel canto as a legitimate means of dramatic expression, this exquisite Spanish soprano occupies a place apart. A to M-A, lovely copy has wee pap. Numbered Copy 85 of Limited Edition. M-A, gleaming copy has, beg. No no! M-A MB 15 Olimpia Boronat sang around the world, particularly the Spanish-speaking world, but was particularly associated with Russia; she first sang there at St Petersburg in She married a member of the Polish aristocracy, and retired from the stage for six years from to After her hiatus, she sang initially in Russia; it was not until that she returned to her native Italy to sing.

Boronat was noted for a voice of great beauty and clarity, and exceptional technical ability, coupled with sensitive musicianship. After her retirement, Boronat founded a singing school in Warsaw. M-A, lovely copy has 2 wee dust mks, inaud. The voice is most beautifully recorded, catching the lovely timbre; the voice is supported on the breath with admirable solidity. She interpolates two cadenzas, both similar to Rossini autograph variants.

Numbered Copy 87 of Limited Edition, Sd. MB 95 "In , Mme Marchesi made some records for the HMV Company in Berlin; the matrices were destroyed the same year in submission to an ultimatum of Nellie Melba - a dark chapter in the story of recorded song Then, after a lapse of thirty years, Mme Marchesi returned to the HMV Studios to make three records, already historic The records which [she] has recently made in London represent the first major triumph of the record collectors There is thus preserved for us the most important link in that chain which constitutes the history of recent song, a chain that leads back through the grandeur of the Golden Age directly to Manuel Garcia.

Numbered Copy 46 of Limited Edition, Sd. MB G Blanche Marchesi made her first records in Berlin early in By far, the recordings from the s are more remarkable. They were made just a few years before her death, and nature had darkened the shading of the voice. It is important to remember when listening to any of them mostly song titles and oratorio excerpts that the singer was in her 70s; they become all the more impressive with this thought in mind.

Best described by John Williams, "the interpretation is almost unbearingly moving. The voice is remarkably steady once she gets going; her trills and adept negotiation of scales are positively spine-tingling and haunting.

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Like a great master before a canvas, Blanche Marchesi creates a masterpiece, carefully applying her voice like dabs of paint to a great work of art until she is sure the colors and texture are just right. She retired shortly after her marriage to the tenor Emilio Perea. A, lovely copy has, beg. Wo bist du? A-, very decent copy few lt.

Cucini has a vocal quality of real authority that, without any undue pressure on her lower register and an expressive range, immediately impresses the listener. Basile Cond. Remarkably agile coloratura, with quite a lovely voice! Verdi had only been dead 12 years, and the record is made by the regular cast and orchestra belonging to La Scala in So if one desires to hear the music of Verdi much as Verdi himself heard it, then Fonotipia: A Centenary Celebration is the place to go -- that in itself is a strong recommendation for this collection.

Simonetto Cond. Performances such as these clearly demonstrate why this repertoire is best left unsung by the current crop of singers! It should be noted that all the above Arnaldi issues are on beautiful quiet shellac. M-A, gleaming copy has wee label tear, Sd. Ermelinda Magnetti Pf. She was a participant in the competitions of the National Theatre, Alexandria, where she shared honors with Clara Petrella. She was active in the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale which lasted until 3 May, , when the Allied Forces bombed and destroyed the Municipal Theatre, thereby causing the interruption of a budding career.

Tore Wiberg Pf. Sixten Ehrling Cond. The couple's son Claudio was born in Petris then became lecturer at the Sibelius Academy from to Fighera Cond. Manno Cond. Uncommonly lovely singing. Giorgio Favaretto Pf. M-A, gleaming copy has, visible Sd. Mozart], in Italian. Guest appearances followed at the opera houses of Chicago, Havana and Berlin.

After her retirement she dedicated herself to teaching. Gabriella Besanzoni is one of the most eminent mezzo-sopranos to be heard on records. Hers is a full-toned and smoothly produced voice. In my opinion, there is but one Italian mezzo being her equal, namely Ebe Stignani. She has a rich low register, a secure middle and a brilliant top register.

What I particularly like is not only the beauty of her voice but also its velvety quality. She is one of very few Italian mezzo-sopranos who are able to sing with flexibility, and she can be very charming. Listen to her Carmen! There is a lot of delicacy and grace in her singing which is so essential for this character. A to A-, lovely copy has faintest pap. She returned to Italy in and performed throughout the country for the next six years. Her husband was Ermete Zacconi, a noted Italian actor. Boccolini recorded for the Italian Gramophone Company in , among which are duets with Mattia Battistini.

Favaretto Pf. Olivieri Cond. Lualdi Cond. A, exemplary copy has faintest pap. Salerno Pf. Wartime Issue, Italy only. Petralia Cond. Tansini Cond. Odeon R. Nastrucci Cond. La Scala Chorus: Nabucco - Va, pensiero. MB 15 " Pederzini [was] one of the best mezzos of my whole experience.

Hers was not perhaps one of the greatest vocal organs, but she used it splendidly and had a beautiful vocal intensity onstage which made her performances riveting. Decca S Basil Cameron Cond. A-B, very decent copy has various cosmetic lt. In contrast to the preceding matrix, the Wally aria, here her tone is warm and caressing, charmingly seductive.

She gives us a lesson in how to sing a waltz, and her mastery of rhythm and rubato serve to remind us that, after all, she is a compatriot of Chopin…. Her high standard of accuracy of execution, together with her cello-like legato and delicate expression, are typical of the artistic finish expected from the performances of great singers in the salon of a hundred years ago….

A to M-A, choice copy has, Sd. A to M-A, lovely copy has very occasional pap. Nicolas Medtner Pf. Percy Kahn Pf. M-A MB 15 "[Slobodskaya] has a never-failing power to convey the precise significance of each song she sings to audiences ignorant of the Russian language. And it is with a Russian richness of temperament that she enjoys or suffers everything she sings Working with her was always an adventure Decca RVW. Privately issued by Rimington van Wyck.

Ivor Newton, her accompanist, is sensitive and supportive Even if a Rimington van Wyck set can be discovered nowadays, and it is exceedingly rare, the records may be seriously impaired.

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M-A, lovely copy has, alas, hlc. Her timbre and intonation were so genuinely Russian that it was only natural that she fit so perfectly into the Russian classical format, especially when it came to portraying strong characters that gave such ample credit to her unique talent of a dramatic actress.

Novikova was a leading singer of operetta and light opera. She was an excellent vocalist with a technique firmly based in the classical tradition, having studied with the great contralto Eugenia Zbruyeva. In she joined the prestigious Moscow Operetta Theatre where she remained until her retirement from the stage in She was a very expressive singer…. Her laugh may be the most infectious on record. M-A, choice copy has label tear, Sd. As a singer I was absolutely unknown to anyone. My first partners were such celebrities as Ivan Kozlovsky and Marc Reizen.

Who was I? Just a beginner. But how they cared for me! A to M-A, lovely copy has, very beginning Sd. A to M-A, lovely copy has occasional pap. A to M-A, lovely copy has, beg.

Monteverdi: Cruda Amarilli (5th madrigal book)

A to M-A, lovely copy has occasional dust scr. A-, lovely copy has faintest pap. Romances by Kochubei, Bulakhov, Titov, etc. Melik-Pashaev Cond. Her great-grandfather was the poet Yevgeny Boratinsky, a close friend of Pushkin. Two uncles were singers, one of them became opera director of the Bolshoi.

In the s, concert work began to occupy most of her time. It was not until that same year, that she was invited to record in the studio! Nadezhda Obukhova retired in , spending her time with occasional singing in concerts, radio broadcasts and recording. Her last concert took place in June , two months before her death in the same year. Hers was a light, lyrical and colorful mezzo-soprano, easily reaching into the low register but with a curiously light, almost soprano timbre in the middle register.

She was one of the singers who always sang within their means. You will never hear her darkening the voice or making it heavier for effect which is certainly one of the reasons for her longevity. If you compare her earlier recordings of with her final ones of , breath and legato are not only intact but better than most singers half her age! A to M-A, lovely copy has few lt. D A, lovely copy has very occasional pap. Vilmos Komor Cond. Meyerowitz Cond. Berlin Staatsoper Orch. Gorgeous performances! More than reciters, dancers and singers, all under 35 years old were taking part, the most populous category being the singers of operas, operettas and popular songs.

The highest award went to the 34 year-old Debora Pantofel-Nechetskaya, a coloratura soprano [highly reminiscent of Miliza Korjus] from Sverdlovsk in the Ural mountains. Her richly textured voice was like a perfectly-cut diamond and for many years was a highlight of countless gala concerts attended by top Soviet officials. Schmalstich Cond. M-A MB15 G Most Elusive, Orchestrola issues had extremely limited distribution!

M-A Exceedingly elusive! Exquisitely beautiful! Siegfried Ochs Cond. Here, back in , we have the female counterpart in perception to Fischer-Dieskau. To add to these virtues, van Diemen has a quite distinctive voice, its very slight edge adding character to the firm tone. M-A, an extraordinary copy! M-A, exemplary copy has, Sd 1 only, 2 faintest pap. Her real name was Dolores de Padilla. After her retirement she became a well-known teacher in Berlin.

She is a very fine lyric soprano of a pure and sweet color. Most of the recorded arias are sung in German but she sings them with perfect legato, the tone is superbly carried on the breath. A to M-A, lovely copy has very minor spindle hole mks. Numbered Copy 25 of a Limited Edition. Numbered Copy 67 of a Limited Edition; Sd. A-, lovely copy has very occasional pap. Mme Lehmann's voice was a full-toned dramatic soprano, immense in volume and resonance, and of voluptuous quality In moments of tragic fury her voiced pealed like a trumpet What seems to me most important to record was the impressive grandure of her greatest operatic impersonations.

This grandure was inherent in the woman. Beethoven , 3s. Odeon AA. M-A, gleaming copy of choice pressing. Odeon Ux. M-A, gleaming copy of choice pressing has, Sd 2 only, faintest pap. This was the beginning of the now famous Salzburg Festival…. Today at the Mozarteum, there is an honorary medal called the Lilli Lehmann medal, which is to be presented to talented singers who followed the Lilli Lehmann tradition in the singing of Mozart….

M-A, gleaming copy of choice pressing has, Sd. Odeon UAA.

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  6. It suits her uncommonly well…. The recitative is done in her grand titanic manner…. In , she sang at the Salzburg Festival, later becoming the festival's artistic director. Lehmann was also renowned as a Lieder singer and she continued to give recitals until her retirement from the concert stage in the s.

    Her mature voice, of splendid quality and large volume, gained for her the reputation of being not only one of the greatest Wagnerian singers of her day but also an ideal interpreter of Bellini's NORMA and the operatic music of Mozart. Indeed, across the span of her career, she performed different parts in a total of German, Italian and French operas. She was also a noted voice teacher. Her voice can be heard on the recordings which she made prior to World War I. Although past her peak as an operatic singer when she made these records, they still impress.

    Paul Baumgartner Pf. A, lovely copy has pap. Exceedingly elusive and ethereal Schoeck titles! Gerald Moore Pf. Sargent Cond. RCA embossed spiderweb verso. Holger Cond. OB, POM, w. In she appeared in England where she was particularly admired in a number of oratorios. From - she regularly visited the United States and Canada. Her reputation as a singer was transmitted to her teaching and her class soon became an international one.

    Her singing was characterized by depth and purity; her achievement in Brahms, Schubert and Wolf is of utmost directness, honesty and truth. Seidler-Winkler Cond. A desert-island disc! M-A, gleaming copy has occasional pap. RCA embossed spiderweb verso; choice mids pressing. Remarkably quiet surfaces! In she was engaged by the Vienna Staatsoper and was highly praised as Mozart's Konstanze under Felix Weingartner.

    In she sang Gilda at Covent Garden. Her firm, well-schooled voice possessed a gently glowing tone colour. She continued her career as a concert singer and teacher in Vienna for many years. Because Forst was Jewish, she was deported in and died in Minsk, presumably the same year. A to M-A, bright copy has hint of grey on peaks. From to she was engaged in Budapest and then came to Vienna where she remained a popular member of the Hofoper ensemble until Gifted with a wide vocal range, she sang both mezzo and soprano roles, including many new works. A to M-A, exemplary copy has very few minuscule nicks, only occasionally minimally audible.

    A-, lovely copy has hint of grey on peaks; end Sd. M-A, a choice copy. Blech Cond. M-A, exemplary copy. A to M-A, choice copy has faintest pap. A to A-, lovely copy has hint of grey on peaks. A to M-A, choice copy. A-B, very decent copy has very lt. A-B, very decent copy has few lt. Exceedingly Elusive and ethereally beautiful! Marrying her first singing teacher Adolf Limley, Elizza also appeared under the name of Elise Limley.

    After three years as a soubrette, Elizza furthered her studies with Amalie Materna and made her Hofoper debut in She remained with the company until but returned as occasional guest until Braithwaite Cond. Philharmonia Orch. Busch Cond. Glyndebourne Festival Orch. Album DM M-A, gleaming copy of this elusive RCA pressing which offers remarkably quiet surfaces. When she caressed a musical phrase, the notes melted exquisitely into each other. Jurinac was, moreover, an eloquent and intensely personal interpreter.

    Her characters were vibrant and specific, never faceless…. Indeed, her repertory was staggeringly diverse. B, decent copy has lt. A-B, decent copy has lt. A delightful coloratura tour-de-force! M-A, choice copy. Numbered Copy 61 of a Limited Edition, Sd. M-A Elusive! A, lovely copy has sev. What a joy it was for me to hear her great golden voice ringing above the orchestra sound. I could relax and be sure of this superb singer, I can assure you. A to M-A, lovely copy has infinitesimal pap.

    M-A, lovely copy has very minor spindle hole mks. She first achieved fame in Europe as an acclaimed dramatic alto and mezzo soprano. Soon she began to sing dramatic soprano parts as well; her vocal scope extending from contralto to high-dramatic soprano. She sang her final Met performance 17 February, , as Amneris, but continued singing opera, giving concerts and teaching; one of her pupils was Blanche Thebom. Leo Demant Pf.

    LB , only form of issue, 23 Dec. Schmidt-isserstedt Cond. Vienna Phil. Oskar Straus Cond. Erwin Baltzer Cond. Vienna Staatsoper Orch. Per la rea che si pente in German. A sublimely beautiful performance! She was very popular in Vienna, and continued singing small roles until the s. Hans Zipper Pf. LB , only form of issue, 10 Oct. Hermann von Nordberg Pf. Leitner Pf. Leitner Cond. Not a superstar, she was an ensemble player and valued colleague. Heger Cond. She was trained originally as a dancer with voice lessons as an adjunct….

    The sound of a penetrating soprano voice riding above a full symphony orchestra can be a thrilling experience, and Goltz could manage it with ease…. Rother Cond. Schmidt-Isserstedt Cond. Important Creator Record Goltz 13 April, She remained at that house until Her long career lasted for 44 years, and 34 of those years were spent in Berlin at the Deutsche Oper. Her large repertory included a number of operas by her namesake Richard no relation , but also works by Richard Strauss and several Italian composers, as well as operas by midth-century composers. She was a fine concert singer with an affinity for Bach's Passions and Cantatas.

    Sieglinde Wagner was engaged by the Wiener Volksoper in , remaining until At the Bayreuth Festival she participated from through A, lovely copy has wee pap. This plays as M-A. Numbered Copy A to M-A, lovely copy has hint of grey on peaks. She was forced to return to Germany where she resumed her career at the Berlin Opera and appeared regularly at the Zoppot Festival.

    Arndt-Ober retired in Sawallisch Cond. Lehmann Cond. Solti Cond. Mio padre! Nile scene in German , 2s. Madre pietosa Vergine; Sds. A sensitive and warm-voiced singer, she retired in and taught at the Music Conservatory in Munich. M-A, gleaming copy has mere hint of faintest pap. Reinshagen Cond. A superb singing-actress and highly versatile artist, she was equally at home in comic and dramatic roles.

    Schmitz Cond. Moralt Cond. Paulik Cond. She also appeared at the Salzburg Festival in an operetta concert. In , she was supposed to appear in several roles at the Metropolitan Opera, but the events of World War II made this impossible. She died there at the age of 91 in She was married first to conductor Anton Paulik and then for many years to Dr. Vincent Imre. Clemens Krauss Cond. Singing with her was a joy, for she was totally secure and never tried to steal scenes from others…. Hers was, in my opinion, a marvelously constructed, not really natural voice which she used with uncanny intelligence.

    She sang in a total of performances of Strauss on stage…. The few records which the singer has left us are not fully representative of the exceptional artist she undoubtedly was. Krips Cond. Knappertsbusch Cond. Lutze Cond. Reinschagen Cond. Dol Dauber Orch. Hruby , 4s.

    Reining was a member of the Vienna State Opera ensemble between and and again between and Between and , she sang at the Salzburg Festival with great success, conducted, among others, by Arturo Toscanini. Baltzer Cond. M-A Truly distinguished renditions!

    In Lorna Sydney came to the Vienna Volksoper, at which she had a great career until She mastered altogether 47 major roles in operas of Verdi, Gluck, Wagner and Richard Strauss, under whom she sang Klytaemnestra, which she performed also at the New Orleans Opera. In addition, Lorna Sydney was a high-estimated concert and oratorio soloist and a splendid Lieder interpreter. Since she gave interpretation courses in the USA, mainly for Lieder singing. Ackermann Cond. Numbered Copy 17 of an extraordinarily Limited Edition. Cahier's Photo affixed. Accompanied by original IRCC text.

    After her debut in she joined the Hofoper in and remained until In she met the cellist Pablo Casals, gave a recital with him Casals accompanying her at the piano , and briefly developed a 'fervid' friendship, which however was abated when Casals established his close relationship with Guilhermina Suggia in In Metcalfe embarked on a European tour during which she sang for the British royal family.

    As the Suggia relationship became strained, Metcalfe and Casals corresponded. They met again after Casals had given a concert in Berlin, and were married on 8 April, After this they moved together to Europe. The marriage lasted until , when they were formally separated, but they did not divorce until During their artistic life together, Casals and his wife often gave recitals together in which he accompanied her song sets at the piano and also performed cello sets in the same concert.

    The marriage with Casals was stormy, and following their separation in Mme Metcalfe Casals lived in Paris. Later she moved back to the U. Susan Metcalfe Casals made no fully commercial recordings, but she did record eight sides of 78rpm records yellow label His Master's Voice for private distribution, with Gerald Moore accompanying, in Numbered Copy 1 of a Limited Edition; Sd. She endeared herself to her public, becoming a much-loved figure. Numbered Copy 41 of a Limited Edition, Sd. Numbered Copy of Limited Edition.

    Melba's Photo is affixed to Label. She made her first appearance, as Juliette, at the matinee on January 31st. This date, incidentally, coincides with a period when Mapleson was being exceptionally active with his recorder at the Metropolitan Opera House…. Adams and he seemed to be on friendly terms, so why did he not seize the opportunity to record her? But the cylinder was not in its box. No Melba box is known. One thing that surprises me about the Melba-champions is that they do not seem to have taken in how extremely small is the number of performances that the cylinder could even possibly be from.

    Numbered Copy 18 of an extremely Limited Edition. Eduard Liechtenstein Pf. M-A, choice copy has very occasional faintest pap. A-, Exemplary copy has faintest pap. She joined the Vienna Hofoper the following year and achieved immediate popular acclaim. Mahler made life so unpleasant for Walker that she broke her contract in She returned to the U. She joined the Hamburg opera in , and there she took on the whole range of dramatic soprano parts, one of her most successful being Elektra, which she created for Hamburg, Bremen, and London.

    After leaving Hamburg in , she sang guest appearances until , and subsequently taught in France and America. Simonetto Pf. After establishing herself at La Scala, she performed in other leading opera houses throughout Italy and Europe. She stayed in Italy, and at the war's end she acted as a liaison between American troops and the Italians, for which she was made an Honorary Dame of the Order of Malta.

    Miss Cecil returned to the United States after the death of her husband in and resumed her career as a recitalist and soloist. She continued performing into the s, and recorded prolifically. B, very decent unworn copy has various lt. The piece centers around a humorous battle of the sexes featuring a feisty and resourceful heroine, based loosely on Emmeline Pankhurst, who outwits her scheming suitor.

    A peppery woman, if I ever knew one! Numbered Copy 26 of a Limited Edition. Nordica's Photo is missing from Sd. Hertz Cond. A to M-A, lovely copy has has faintest pap. Numbered Copy 21 of a Limited Edition. Nordica's Photo is affixed to label. MB 35 "The only issue of [the above] recording is from Columbia matrix XP cut in New York on 16 April, from a test pressing of the original matrix which was found in a second-hand store in Los Angeles.

    She sang frequently in Melbourne in at concerts and in oratorio, and was the principal contralto at the Australian Church. In she went to Europe and studied under Mathilde Marchesi for voice production, and under Charles Santley for oratorio work. Description Music score — 1 score xvii, p. Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria [sound recording] []. Ritorno d'Ulisse in patria Monteverdi, Claudio, Spain : Glossa, p Description Music recording — 3 sound discs min. Selva morale et spirituale []. Selva morale e spirituale Monteverdi, Claudio, Wien : Doblinger, c Description Music score — 1 score xii, p.

    M S4 Unknown. Sogno Barocco [sound recording]. Otter, Anne Sofie von. Vivo per te ; Dolcissimi baci ; Elena. Description Music score — 1 score 8 p. M M1 BK. Description Music score — 1 score xcvi, p. I8 D V. Description Video — 1 videodisc min. Madrigali, libro IX Venezia []. Madrigals, book 9 Monteverdi, Claudio, Bologna : Ut Orpheus, c Description Music score — 1 score xlii, 71 p. L'Orfeo [videorecording] : favola pastorale in un prologo e cinque atti []. Heathfield [England] : Opus Arte, c Description Video — 1 videodisc ca.

    Il Nerone, ossia, L'incoronazione di Poppea [sound recording] []. Paul Hindemith's "Attempt to reconstruct the premiere" of Monteverdi's Orfeo [sound recording]. Description Music recording — 2 sound discs min. Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria [videorecording] : dramma in musica in tre atti []. Genova : Dynamic, c Description Video — 2 videodiscs min.

    Summary DVD 1: Opera, part 1 93 min. Extras 20 min. DVD 2: Opera, part 2 89 min. Badoaro's libretto, based on Books of Homer's The Odyssey, narrates the vicissitudes of Ulysses after his arrival in Ithaca, following on from twenty years of journeying and attempting to make his return from the Trojan War. Is there a musical meeting-point where the two can exist? Claudio Cavina has believed in this possibility for some time, witness some very 'modern' moments in his recent Glossa recordings of the Scherzi musicali and L'incoronazione di Poppea.

    Yet, this is not La Venexiana playing jazz: Cavina and his musicians do not change a note of the original scores. Instead they bring all their experience and expertise of playing Monteverdi's madrigals, sacred music the Vespers being their current performing focus and operas to bear on a group of 'ballads' from the 17th -century, but in the company of a select quartet of improvising jazz musicians on saxophone, accordion, double bass and drums and all with the warm, soaring, story-telling vocal tones of Roberta Mameli shining through as protagonist.

    Selva morale e spirituale. Volume 1 [sound recording] []. Selva morale e spirituale Selections Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Music recording — 1 sound disc 56 min. Tito Gobbi [sound recording] : complete solo recordings []. Gobbi, Tito. Description Music recording — 5 sound discs : digital, mono. Credo in un Dio crudel ; Ah, prigioniero io sono Dio di Giuda! L'Incoronazione di Poppea [videorecording] : opera in a prologue and three acts, []. London : Decca, c Summary DVD 1: Prolog 11 min. Act 1 70 min. Bonus feature 41 min. DVD 2: Act 3 67 min. Act 3 47 min. L'Orfeo [videorecording] []. Description Music recording — 1 sound disc : digital, stereo.

    Castel, Nico. Mount Morris, N. Description Book — p. W14 C37 Unknown. Madrigali, libro VII Venezia []. Madrigals, book 7 Monteverdi, Claudio, Bologna : Ut Orpheus edizioni, c Description Music score — 1 score li, p. Tu dormi? Ballo tirsi e clori. Madrigali spirituali []. Madrigals, book 5 Selections Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Music score — 1 score 60 p. Felle amaro Cruda Amarilli 2. Qui pependit in cruce Ecco, Silvio, colei 3. Pulchrae sunt genae tuae Ferir quel petto, Silvio? Stabat virgo Maria Era l'anima mia 5. Maria, quid ploras?

    Te, lesu Christe Ecco piegando le ginocchia a terra. Madrigals, book 1 Monteverdi, Claudio, San Lorenzo de el Escorial : Glossa, p Summary Primo libro. Nono libro. The full Monteverdi [videorecording] []. Description Video — 1 videodisc 60 min. Summary "Claudio Monteverdi's Fourth book of madrigals explores differing emotional states of abandoned lovers through the most dramatic and amazingly modern music for vocal ensemble.

    The full Monteverdi follows the simultaneous break-up of six couples from shocking revelation, vengeful anger and erotic longing for reconciliation, as an ensemble film"--Container. L'Orfeo : favola posta in musica da Claudio Monteverdi []. Libretto Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Book — vii, 67 p. M O M Unknown. L'Orfeo [sound recording] []. L'Orfeo [sound recording] : favola in musica [].

    Quinto libro dei madrigali, [sound recording] []. Madrigals, book 5 Monteverdi, Claudio, Amor, se giusto sei T'amo, mia vita! Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria : tragedia di lieto fine in un prologo e tre atti []. Description Music score — 1 score xiv, p. Ritorno d'Ulisse in patria Vocal score Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Music score — 1 vocal score xv, p. Madrigals, book 8. Ardo e scoprir Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Music score — 1 score 4 p. M M Unknown. Il combattimento [sound recording] []. Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda Monteverdi, Claudio, Summary Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda Arie e duetti.

    Editor's choice [sound recording]: the top ten discs of March []. Teddinton, Middlesex, UK : Gramophone, []. Summary Sonata for strings. L'incoronazione di Poppea : highlights []. Incoronazione di Poppea. Summary Atto primo. Signor, deh non partire ; In un sospir, che vien ; Speranza, tu mi vai ; Disprezzata regina ; Ottavia, Ottavia, Nutrice, Ottavia ; Come dolci, signor, come soavi ; Quel'eccelso diadema Atto secondo.

    Idolo mio, Poppea ; Son rubini amorosi ; Tu che dagli avi miei Atto terzo. L'incoronazione di Poppea [videorecording] []. Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, c Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi. Libro ottavo [sound recording] []. Madrigals, book 8 Monteverdi, Claudio, Summary Arie e madrigali. L'Orfeo [videorecording] : favola in musica []. Arles : Harmonia Mundi France, c Munich : Unitel [prod. Summary Monteverdi's reworking of the most popular of all Greek myths, that of Orpheus and Euridice.

    Il Ritorno di Ulisse in patria : ms. Wien []. Firenze : Studio per edizioni scelte, Description Music score — 1 score p. M78 R6 Unknown M Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria [videorecording] []. Sena Jurinac []. Jurinac, Sena, Summary CD 1. Le nozze di Figaro. Warum tun deine Worte mir so weh? Mein Herz, was soll dein Zagen? Eugen Onegin. Mario, Mario! Il sesto libro de madrigali [sound recording] []. Madrigals, book 6 Monteverdi, Claudio, Description Music recording — 1 sound disc 63 min. M74 I53 Unknown. L'incoronazione di Poppea [videorecording] : dramma in musica in un prologo e tre atti [].

    Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi : libro ottavo []. Sala Bolognese : A. Forni, Description Music score — 1 part 18 p. Summary Canti guerrieri. Canti amorosi. M M3 BK. Madrigali, libro VI Venezia []. Description Music score — 1 score ix, 98 p. France : K. Genova, Italy : Dynamic, c Ottavo libro dei madrigali [sound recording] [].


    Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria [videorecording] : dramma in musica []. Selva morale e spirituale [sound recording] []. Sesto libro dei madrigali, [sound recording] []. Le stagioni []. Incomprensibil Dio! Description Music score — 1 vocal score xxi, p. T Unknown. Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Handel [sound recording]. Music for a while [sound recording] : Baroque melodies []. Performer Hamburg : Archiv Produktion, p Sweeter than roses ; The tempest. Dear, pretty youth ; Oedipus.

    Music for a while ; Rule a wife and have a wife. There's not a swain ; Harmonia sacra, L'Orfeo : favola in musica, SV []. London ; New York : Eulenburg, c Description Music recording — 2 sound discs 96 min. Quarto libro dei madrigali [sound recording] []. Madrigals, book 4 Monteverdi, Claudio, Summary Ah, dolente partita Cor mio, mentre vi miro Cor mio, non mori?