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Lots of advice for Obama on dealing with Muslims and Islam
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Tovey Jan 9, Obama a Muslim? Plakas Jun 18, did you studied islam? Email Address: optional. Title of Comments:. Email me if someone replies to my comment. Follow Daniel Pipes. Other Languages.

Former CIA officer: Stop calling Islam a 'religion of peace'

Mailing List. Chinese S French German. Indonesian Italian Portuguese. Russian Spanish Swedish. Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States [62 words]. Affirmation is OK but keeping it is a question [17 words]. What about Obama's ring? Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam [61 words]. Barack Obama, Muslim??? Every President "celebrates" holidays from religions they don't practice [48 words]. Birth certificate has been provided [ words]. What do you mean, who cares??? Yes it would be a BAD thing. This man is a true dhimmi [43 words].

The sweetest sound ever heard [43 words]. Absolutely Correct [35 words]. Obama is doing the job on lobbyists-The truth is coming out about the economy [ words]. Republic May Want War [34 words]. Syria at War, Egypt in chaos, and many more chaos continuing in the world today [16 words]. Now how do the world stop large scale Armaggedon [31 words]. Islam Is Peace Please no personal comments,Just my view [ words]. Our dear Naeem and the religion of peace [ words].

Moslims are NOT a peace loving people! And speaking of ignorance [ words]. Similarity of religions [ words]. Obamas' actions are what needs looking at, not his religion or race or anything else. Daniel - do you still believe this? What's The Difference? Thank You Mariaha [43 words]. To Pradeep Mohanty [42 words]. Your Insight into Islam versus Christianity [ words]. Jesus, Son of God [ words]. Have you read your own bible? Jesus is a Muslim. Get your facts right More to it than that, Lulu [ words]. Kathy, please see this Obama should step down from Presidency of USA [27 words].

What came first? Barack Obama Is Not Muslim! How can he being doing a good job at a job he doesn't have yet???? They could only "dig it up" if you LIED about it [94 words]. What are you saying Mr. Kafur [83 words]. I dont know about Islam??? Islam rewards killing with Paradise [35 words]. Hear me Arm yourself with the facts [ words].

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Executing apostate myth is based on Mis-Interpretation [ words]. Death of converts [ words]. Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam [71 words]. Obama who wrote history on Nov. Comment for "What arab christians feel about Obama" [ words]. So what? Dont mind the cat black or white as long as can catch the mouse [53 words]. Obama is the Anti-christ?? Ha ha ha ha [5 words]. Apparently you haven't read the Koran [73 words].

Congratulation to all Americans! Obama can leave the racist church but the racist church never leaves the man. Is he Muslim or not [49 words]. Where is the proof Obama actually Who cares what you think you cant' even vote!! Palin less Christian then Obama! Where did you get this article and How real is it? Barak is not humble [84 words]. You don't follow the situation [ words]. Indonesia is a brutal country Support All Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia [60 words]. Some of You are going to be the first victims.

The Obama Doctrine: What the President Actually Thinks About Radical Islam - The Atlantic

Are You Serious Or Misinformed? Do you think me a fool?? Response to "Doubter" [ words]. Obama holds dual citizenship and unable to be pres [41 words]. Angry and Race Driving Huh? The Quran is nothing like the Torah [97 words]. Not afraid of Bears [ words]. If you are christian then, wake up! Obama will win!!! Obama Admits to being a Muslim in Indonesia [99 words]. I agree he is Muslim BUT [83 words]. Barrack Hussien Obama What would solve this crisis [71 words]. Zelator has included comments I left out of my most recent submission [ words].

Believe Obama about his religion now, but don't believe Obama about his religion in the past? Palin Shunned Large Oil Companies [ words]. Muslim's MO is to lie [79 words]. Don't group Hindus and Buddhists with Muslims Miamidot [ words]. The world should beg us to elect our President [ words]. Prove to me Obama said he was a Muslim, please [45 words]. Obama said "my Muslim faith" [16 words]. DW, This is so lame. Obama is not a Muslim. Obama statements The lovers of lies [60 words]. Caught in unguarded moment [99 words]. A real Christian would not run for a socialist Democratic party.

People need to wake up [5 words]. You are a Canadian Socialist [23 words]. Thank You for this about Hussein Obama. A small disagreement Muslim is not a choice [ words]. Blink doscount tickets [8 words]. We Don't, Unless They're a Republican [ words]. Of course his religion matters. Indonesian Muslims very moderate Allah SWT is not in violence [52 words].

Obama does not even know what religion he is [ words]. I second that emotion [83 words]. Obama is a hard-core Christian convert from Islam [ words]. I Second that Emotion- response to Disappointed Democrat [ words]. Allah Akbar? NOT for America [53 words]. Our dear Layla another victim of Arabian imperialism [ words]. Who cares what he did before he was 10? Poor Naive Justin If Obama's a Muslim, this Jewish girl is a Christian [89 words].

Stolen Child

Do you really know America? Obama rejects the ideals of America [ words]. Yes, it matters what God you believe in. Lack of Patriotic upbringing evident in Obama and wife's behavior. As to:Lack of Patriotic upbringing [42 words]. I'm glad you pointed out Obama is an Islamic Muslim [ words].

I may be an Aussie but I am not totally ignorant of US history and law [ words]. Christian World opinion [46 words]. Truth either is or is not [74 words]. Girls in School Picture [15 words]. Obama's life experience [19 words]. If obama's biological father is Muslim and his stepfather was muslim and his mother was an atheist Why Obama is not Moslem: Let me count the ways Why Barack Obama is a Christian [ words].

Obama's Christian Conversion Politically Motivated [87 words]. Only white abortion clinics get targeted - Black abortions o. Ego hampers reality, "EducatedAnne" [45 words]. You are showing the lack of experience Black abortion clinics don't get blown up because blacks don't care, do you want them blown up?

A brief meeting at age 10 does not a Moslem make [57 words]. Liberals vs fascists: How Moslem is the new code word for "black" [ words]. Muslim in terror's eyes [ words]. I'll tell you [ words]. Obama's religion may matter! Moslem is the new black [ words]. Finally, the issues, and not religion. Representative of precisely what is wrong with this country.

SO what if Obama is Muslim [39 words]. Who Am I? Sounds like Vietnam Obama is a Muslim? Confirmed Barack Obama practiced Islam [ words]. The grandparents who raised him are christian [25 words]. With whom Obama is associated? Sadam hated AlQaeda--response [ words]. Why is he California's Swartznegger unable to legally run for Presidency? Obama Being Brought Up a muslim [70 words]. Once again Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you really are open minded [30 words].

You make a great point What does it matter? Really, really terrifying? FYI [ words]. How does it matter if he is Muslim, Hindu, or Zorastrian? The reason I fear Obama is that I'm afraid he may enforce this Regarding: Obama being Muslim. A Canadian follow up [ words]. Our dear Jon is desperate tablighee [ words]. Yes, Muslims OUT!!! Yes, we ARE at war with Muslams.. A few straw man arguments less, please [ words]. Our dear Jon and his little qash wa tibn [ words]. Our dear Jon and his little qash wa tibn part deux [ words]. Our dear Jon and his little qash wa tibn part trois [ words]. More gems from our dear Jon [70 words].

Go figure [ words]. More fantasy from our dear Jon [ words]. Our dear Jon and more ignorance [ words]. And much more fantasy [50 words]. The Muslims are at war with all infidels that's you and me [40 words]. Man, you are funny [ words]. More fatansy from our dear Jon the tablighee and on being one's worst enemy [ words]. Our dear jon rabina yuwasa3 3aqluhu al-sagheer [ words]. More gems from our dear Jon and now his only reference is the "lonely planet"!

A bid of reconciliation [ words]. Our dear Jon and his little trip [ words]. Yes, Muslims are at war with us for last years and still continuing!!! Whats the big deal? There is the verse there surah5v60 [54 words]. Shame on you, Shame on McCain [39 words]. Shame on you Shame on McCain [63 words]. That was then this is now.. I am put in the peculiar place of defending Obama even though I oppose his presidency run [ words]. Obama and the Muslims. Obama and the Muslims [ words]. I am sorry you feel this way [24 words].

Obama and the Muslim- I'm sorry you feel this way [ words]. I was NOT born a Muslim [ words]. I was Born a Liberal [ words]. Another wannabe arab [ words]. Thanks to our Christian God for Muslims for being the stabilizing force between all human race. Barack Hussein Obama [77 words].

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Now Anne says his "heritage"is Muslim [ words]. Why the Real Deal Matters [ words]. Lynn what are you talking about! Oh great KTM is going to vote based on a TV ad [40 words]. Except for one issue we seem to be on the same side [ words]. Contrary to what Heather claims -- [ words]. Gee, I didn't know that! False statements are not appreciated, either. Who Cares? Again [ words]. Did you look it up? Natural Born Citizen -- "All I can find Don't take Wiki as the absolute truth there Freddy [74 words]. FRED the lost Obama born Hawaiian, McCain born Panamanian [ words].

Natural Born Obama [ words]. Obama born in Hawaii, McCain born in Panama [44 words]. The post is incorrect [42 words]. Muslim Background could be an asset to attaining peace in the Middle East [75 words]. I was born Greek Orthodox [ words]. Learn a little about Islam Attaining peace in the Middle East [ words]. A 3rd Grader who sometimes went with stepfather is hardly an "irregularly practicing Muslin" [55 words].

What do you want mainstream America to get, Lynn? Is it that you all afraid of a black man? Kate or Gata, you tell me [ words]. Wasted energy, time and resource - Was he a Muslim - who cares! Obama and Islam, everyone should care. Our dear malaa'ika is hearing things [ words]. That's what happens when [ words]. Nothing has been ignored [51 words]. Obama is a muslim at heart what ever he claims [ words]. Barrack Hussein Osama [85 words]. Not born a muslim [ words].

Our dear Khalil and does Allah really knows best! Barack Obama, etc. If you have a problem with Islamic terrorism [ words]. Obama and religion [ words]. How do you know this? Islam Incompatible with the USA [ words]. You'd Better Care! I was with you until I can't believe you said that! Religion and Politics ie Power [88 words]. That's great, but what about sharia?

Very sensible BS detector [28 words]. Obama's selling snake oil, and people are buying it by the case. The "Oh, yeah? I've done the research on Obama. He's the one who will put this country at risk [ words]. The quality of the research is not strained Here ya go If ignorance is not an excuse, then Fred -- you still have not answered my question. What you say! Obama is a Clear and Present Danger [ words]. Nuclear Proliferation [47 words].

Yes, but what has Israel done for us lately? Real Quote From Obama [54 words]. Still not buying it! Figures lie and liars figure. Great response Beverly. Indonesia:Islam recognizes Homosexuals and allah created it. Please read carefully what I wrote [ words]. Obama: I would have left my church if pastor hadn't resigned [ words]. If racism is the criteria [63 words].

Malformed ideas aren't treason [63 words]. Security Clearance Issues [ words]. I wish white people would understand, that blacks want to have equality and liberty, not to be white people. Don't Be Conned Hate speech?? Barack already has the highest security clearance. Obama security clearance [19 words]. The truth behind security clearances [ words].

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Vote for Obama just because he is black. Obama's Mom Married Two Muslims [11 words]. Fill it in.. Must be executed for changing from muslim religion. Nobody is 'letting' Obama run. Islamism must be outlawed in the west. Muslim Infestation? I still say deport every last muslim [ words]. What kind of changes? Attending a mosque even once disqualifies Hussein Obama [67 words]. Further explanation? Barack Hussein Obama practiced Islam [42 words]. Does it matter even if Obama is a Muslim? As long as the jihadists [70 words]. Anti-Christ rebuttal [50 words].

Note to all who posted regarding the Antichrist [89 words]. Inaccuracies and poor vetting of facts [ words]. My father was almost entirely absent from my childhood, having been divorced from my mother when I was two years old. At the time of his death, my father remained a myth to me, both more and less than a man. He had left Hawaii back in , when I was only two years old, so that as a child I knew him only through the stories that my mother and grandparents told.

The elder Obama died when Barack Jr. The claim that Obama attended a radical Wahabbist school in Indonesia in the mids is exceedingly far-fetched, given that:. The large Indonesian community resident in Mecca was a medium through which knowledge about Wahhabism reached Indonesia, but the community itself appears to have remained virtually immune to Wahhabi influences. In reality there was little direct influence of Wahhabism on Indonesian reformist thought until the s.

He visited the Basuki school, which Obama attended from to Vause reported he saw boys and girls dressed in neat school uniforms playing outside the school, while teachers were dressed in Western-style clothes. Obama later transferred to SDN Menteng 1 the elite, secular elementary school at the center of the controversy. The school is public but is very competitive and has exceptionally high standards. Indonesia is home to several of the most radical Islamic schools in Southeast Asia, some with alleged terrorist links. But Akmad Solichin [the vice principal at SDN Menteng 1], who proudly pointed to a photo of a young Barry Obama, as he was known, said his school is not one of them.

Moreover, a statement released by the Obama campaign affirmed that:. Senator Obama was raised in a secular household in Indonesia by his stepfather and mother. Furthermore, the Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a Madrassa.

Obama was first elected to the Illinois state senate in , but he has been involved with the United Church of Christ since the mids. But Obama wants to clarify what truly happened.


I know there are some people who fall out. Which is wonderful. God bless them … I think it was just a moment to certify or publicly affirm a growing faith in me. These days, he says, he attends the 11 a. Sunday service at Trinity in the Brainerd neighborhood every week — or at least as many weeks as he is able. His pastor, Wright, has become a close confidant. And the power of that culture to give people strength in very difficult circumstances, and the power of that church to give people courage against great odds. And it moved me deeply.

This statement is completely false. It is a mistaken reference to a different politician, Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison , not Barack Obama. Senator Obama drew some criticism over a photograph that showed him standing without his hand over his heart during the playing of the U. We investigate as thoroughly and quickly as possible and relay what we learn. Then another question arrives, and the race starts again. We do this work every day at no cost to you, but it is far from free to produce, and we cannot afford to slow down.

To ensure Snopes endures — and grows to serve more readers — we need a different kind of tip: We need your financial support. Among other issues, a troubling headline about "beating baby hearts" resulted in accusations of witness intimidation. Is it raining in the Amazon? Is the rainforest on fire? Sometimes viral photographs don't tell an accurate story.

What did make a difference was a flood of Border Patrol agents, who began Operation Hold the Line in The teenage climate activist's high-profile speeches in Congress and the United Nations prompted attacks from online detractors.