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  1. Love Paradox
  2. Love's Paradox (Paradoxical World #1) by Laura Kreitzer
  3. The Paradox of Love
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Without the feeling of love, or least a milder form of it, such as acceptance, I feel constricted, isolated and cut off from people and good feelings. I could go on and on, and most likely, my mind will be on the subject of love for awhile. Love is a great subject to ponder! Please allow me this opportunity to thank you, Pamela, for all your loving work!

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Rest Assured! We ask for your name so that we can be polite when we email you :. The types of love are almost impossible to count. What is love to you? Leave your comments below! They just mean the world to me!

Love Paradox

A few of the things that make her smile are the monthly book club she hosts, trying new wines with friends, yoga, and cooking for friends and her dog Tater--who always makes her happy. Comments Pamela, love is hard to define because it is a process rather than a thing. I love what you wrote!

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You did a wonderful job, even better than usual! It will find you. Nothing reveals this gulf more clearly than the cross, defying all I know and everything I do. Old habits die hard if at all , and to this day, I misuse the cross, acting as if it gets me what I want, that I can work it into my agenda. The cross points where words cannot go. It commands silence. How can language capture a mystery whose love is palpable not only in moments of ecstasy, when everything fits together, but even — and particularly — in catastrophe, when it all falls apart?

What the mystery we call God asks is that we pay attention, hearing so thoroughly that, in the heart of that suffering, we reflect the character of Divine love. There are no lifetime guarantees, as Jesus well knew. Our temptation is to hurry on to the raising up, to pretend the suffering is trivial, even illusory, but that denies the body.

The body remembers the truth of suffering, however diligently the mind labors to forget. Real human transformation comes rarely, if ever, without great love or great suffering. I can think of no greater betrayal, no sin Christians more urgently need to remember and repent.

Love's Paradox (Paradoxical World #1) by Laura Kreitzer

Painted as the Shoah — that unholy alliance of antisemitism and technocracy — was yet unfolding, Chagall negates the comforting theobabble of Christendom. Happier still, it coincides in the western calendar with the first day of Passover. They have become some of the most quoted verses of the Bible and resonate with many marrying couples, whether Christians or not.

These beautiful words, are the ones we persistently choose to attach to one of the most important days in their lives.

The Paradox of Love

We want someone to love us patiently and kindly, without envy, boasting or pride. We want someone to love us sacrificially, unconditionally and unfailingly. We rightly set the bar high on these important occasions. Yet we are also aware that the words alone cannot guarantee a lifetime of this idealised picture of love.

The Paradox of Love

Too many couples who start off so well-intentioned and hopelessly in love end up lovelessly hopeless, with talk of divorce and custody rights. There is a huge gap between the promise of these words and the reality of our lives. But there is hope. I wonder if they would be so popular if the original context was understood.

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The church was racked with dispute, disunity and disintegration. It was neither loving nor kind. The letter begins by addressing the divisions in the church, with different factions arguing over which leader to follow. The congregation kept a record of wrongs to the degree that some church members were even taking their grievances to court.

They were impatient, jumping the queue in communion and not saving food for those behind them 1 Corinthians