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The Wolf and The Shepherds

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The droppings from the cattle act as natural fertilizers and hence it is a win-win for both the farmer and the shepherd — shelter for the cattle; fertiliser for the crops. To protect their cattle, every shepherd has guard dogs — mostly Indian mongrels or terrier mixes. The main guard dog is made to wear either a spiked collar or one with bells. This dog is the alpha and commands the other dogs in protecting the herd.

The dogs efficiently chased them away.

Shepherds who have decided to live with the wolf | WWF

Though the guard dogs are tough and fierce, the shepherds acknowledge that wolves are very intelligent creatures. They are quiet, fast and clever. This has been accepted by the shepherds who have a considerable amount of tolerance and even respect for the wolves. In such an equation, while protection of wolves is of utmost importance, the welfare of humans who have been staying in these areas is of equal importance. Taking their positive attitudes towards wolves into account, conservation initiatives should be framed in a way that not only protects the people but incentivizes the shepherds to act as their protectors.

Efforts in the right direction will ensure that the equation continues and remains balanced far into the future. Post Views: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.